Our products and realization

In most cases our products have special technical features and their construction requires many years of experience in the field. We generally follow the production from its planning, which takes place in our headquarter firstly and then in the offices we cooperate with for the phase of realization. We build cranes up to 100 ton capacity and light up to 40/50 mt. Bridge cranes with special-purpose features, high efficiency hoisting winches for work in mines up to 300 mt of vertical travel; towing winches and fully equipped systems for the transport of boring machinery, as TBM. Dismantling and movement of heavy parts of machines in tunnels, wells and open spaces.

Construction and testing of decompression chambers to be applied to boring machinery. Cranes inspection and certification of lifting frames, engineering and construction of lifting and handling equipment, of clamshell buckets for the removal of excavated material from wells; construction of wagons for the transport of boring equipment, of ship-caissons for dry docks in shipyards and of Blondin cranes with light up to 500-1000 mt and up to 15 ton payload.

Civil and industrial buildings for supermarkets and shopping centers. By request we can consider your specific needs to evaluate their satisfaction.